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Oro - Mysterious Calling Oro - Mysterious Calling

Rated 4 / 5 stars

on the right path

Okay, you've got some very good ideas in here, and the harmonizations work very well in the main part of the song with the combination of the piano and the strings and voice. But one thing is, the female voice is way too loud at the start of the segment, its a real blast.
The bird sounds are a nice touch, but the 'arctic wind'..well, it makes it sound a littl bit rough :) other than that, its a good try. Maybe a bit more reverb on the piano, string and voices, then they'll blend in a bit more.
Well, keep going man, you're on the right track!

Karco -- Lost in Time -- Karco -- Lost in Time --

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

mellow yello

I'd be inclined to call it chilled house or techno. It reminds me of the band Leftfield, with those cool arps and repetitive synth mini sweeps. Really nice progression, the pads help the track float along nicely! Good co-ordination between all the high frequency parts you have going on.
The thing that bugs me a little bit is the double timed snare. It feels a little bit overenergetic for a mellow ambientish track such as this. i feel the 2 and the 4 is where the snare belongs.
Ooops, forgot to mention, that gurgling almost acid fx at the transition is a good choice.
Good mellow bell melody. Almost sounds a little bit sinister against the backdrop of the pads which flutter a little bit against the major key as the song progresses. Thats pretty cool, i almost didn't realise it happened, it was so gradual!
Well, a solid track man, a fine effort!

Karco responds:

Yeah... I'm not all that good with genres. =\ I'd also have to agree with your comments on the snare... they almost made the song seem twice as fast. Hah!

Actually, most of what you mention in the last paragraph was hardly intentional... but glad you like it anyway. =P Thanks for reviewing.

The Standard Song The Standard Song

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice track

lets see..nice synth pattern, a nice build with the drumfill and the fx sweep into the track. Yep, marches boldly forward.
The melody in the second half is a nice touch, it does feel a little bit out of time though.
Nice low bass sweep. Yeah, the track is lacking bass a bit in my opinion
And a nice conclusion.

Well, its a nice little track. But its not usually smart to admit to using presets! Also, perhaps there's a little bit too much snare in the drumloop. Just my opinion.

Destined to Live Destined to Live

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

much potential

Cool fluttery sound to kick the track off. Like some kind of trance butterfly or something :)
Nice synth brass down low setting the scene.
Nice timing to bring in the bass and the filtered arp, good bringing up up of the arp in the mix.
Wow, this is some build, I wonder where its going! Oh, the track finished :P It felt like you were going to drop in the complete drum kit and launch into a full on trance track. Well, maybe next time :)
Sounding very polished man, but it didn't reach to where I felt that it was going!

smile14 responds:

Lol yes I did not finish this one yet, but you gave me a good idea of what i should do when I come out with a new version of it. Thanks for the review. I really appreciate it :).

Blak Trash [M_B_M REMIX] Blak Trash [M_B_M REMIX]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

pipe dreams

You've got some cool noises in there. Alien bugs crawling through pipes to capture people to feed to the queen, thats the kind of vibe I get.
Maybe consider adding some glitchy beats and turning it into a dull on abstract electronica track? That would be cool.
Good originality. But dont hold back. Pile more stuff in there. I can imagine more eerie drones and random, dischordant spikes really suiting this track.

MrWAD2 responds:

((( DJ-PADMAN1 )))

THANKS For Taking Time To Listen & Review.
This Was A Crazy Experiment I Did To
"BLAK TRASH" (Believe It Or Not - The
ENTIRE Original Track Is In There).
Since Late September 2006, I've Been
Performing "SoundWAV Mutilations" Using
It's Cool To Think That If You Have A
"The RING" Style Flash - You Could Use
The " MaggitzBeMunchin " Remix As Your
Opening Track, And Then Use The Original
"BLAK TRASH v1" As Your Credits Close.
... (O.o) ...

OKAY ... Actually, I WOULD DO THAT -

... (o.O) ...

I LOVE The Way You Described This Track,
ByTheWay, & I'm In Talks With Some Other
Folks Who Do Really Creepy SoundTracks.
I Also Create Sound Effects As Well,
But I Haven't Quite Figured Out How To
That I Envision For The Track.

┴ Mr W. A. D2 ┴

Phoozle - Magic Saws Phoozle - Magic Saws

Rated 4 / 5 stars

eat those dots

Hey, I want that cool Pacman sound! adds a comical dimension to the track.
The beats are solid, and the one you bring in after the trance lead is funky fresh.
Nice chords here, nice grainy kind of quality to them when they hit the lower notes.
Man, I think there was a lot of potential to expand with that chord sequence. If you bring back the intial melody, and chuck in some extra blips and bleeps and stuff I'd be rocking out for hours.
It seemed to finish, just when it was getting ready to unleash pure video game joy.
Also, dont forget the bassline.
Well, keep going man. This is solid stuff.

phoozle responds:

Thanks for the review maybe I could make a better version of this song going by what you said.

Love your audio man!

Awah Awah

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Well, after hearing all the funky wah-wah guitars in this track, the name makes a world of sense, hehe.
Cruisey, cool bassline and the funk loop is classic. The open hi hat at the end of every bar completes the groove nicely.
I enjoy the interactions of the guitars a lot. One thing missing in my opinion, is such instrument keeping the chord progression going. I mean everything is playing in key, but I just miss the organ or keyboard keeping the chords flowing. Good crashes to keep the interest up, maybe some snare fills or something to go with it? Woah, the ending is a bit sharp!
I defintely like a bit of funk, this kept me entertained. Nice one!

Elanatronica responds:

thank you.

do you think you can give me a song to listen to so i can get an idea of what to do with the organ or keybored?

i would apreciate it : )

thanks for ur review

Evolved Sounds Evolved Sounds

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Bit of an old-school electro feel with this one, with the phat double kick patterns at the start of the track. The snare seems a little bit quiet.
The track follows a lot of twists and turns, its hard to keep track. The rhythm does establish some good consistency which is always a good thing for techno.
Well, what was the experiment? I'm guessing you increased the length of the decay of the synths volume envelope as the track progressed.
Well, keep going. You're on the right track with your percussion, and there's a couple of cool melodic ideas in there. Just bring a little bit more order to the track and work on making a couple of cool, simple riffs instead of a huge solo!

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New-Milkman responds:

Thanks for the review! Um, the experiment was with testing how the decay works with different volumes/drive. I don't think I have the same program as everyone else does (D-lusion RubberDuck and DrumStation) so there will be some not so great songs coming from me for a while.

Sorry about the melodies and organization of my songs, I just can's stand the same beat over and over again :P

Ow? Ow?

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Hey, make d@b if you want to. I can see that you want to create a high energy, active track, but the downside is that its easy for things to overlap too much and sound incoherent.
For a start, the inital bass sequence is clipping, and the progression is quite strange.
The bubbly bass that follows is much more stable and could last for a tracks duration. it clashes a bit with the initial bass.
Nice effort to make some original drums, but you'll want to do some research about the two-step drum pattern. Four snares in a bar is a little bit hectic man. And the kick is lost in the mix, I dont know how many you've got in there.
So, in summary, this one needs a lot of work. But dont be as pessimistic as your song description says.

mistahmoo responds:

Alright, thanks for your input :D I don't really have too much experience with DnB, and I thought this sounded like shit when it was finished (didn't even really bother finishing it, more of an experiment if you will) I'll probably take a break from DnB, or at least things as fast as 200 bpm. Thanks for the review.

Hymnal of the Hive [DEMO] Hymnal of the Hive [DEMO]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

for a movie?

Sounds quite cinematic G9! The phat saws work well at achieving at epic but mysterious feeling, and the piano is simple but carries with the chord progression well, as does the female choir section.
There was however, a bit off fuzz in the recording when the saws left? Might want to have a second look at the mixer because my ears think they hear a bit of clipping.

G9 responds:

Yeah... there's some kind of static. Not sure how to fix...

Thanks for the line!