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totally mad

Well, what was there, was great!

I hate to think how long it would take to animate all those bullet casings!!

grandma trouble

It had its moments.

It would be funnier if she talked in a more elderly, fragile voice. It would make a more suitable contrast to all the head exploding and what-not.

I reckon it might be good to have her perform common, stereotypical 'grandma' activities and then have the demon emerge to cause havoc, rather than just randomly have peoples heads explode. The last scene in particular is a bit of a cop-out to the viewers after they endure that car ride which seems to be building up to something.

Also, the voice clipped at one time...digital clipping is not cool, its just lazy not to remove the distortion or do a retake.

Anyway, it was funny to some degree I guess, and the animation was a good effort.


Cool images and quirky sound track make this a must-see for the whole family!

In fact, my grand-dad started dancing when he heard this, and he's actually in a wheel chair so its a good thing my mom could make him settle down quickly!

djredlight responds:

LOL! grand-dad FTW! Thanks padman for your great reviews!

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Its fun when levels last forever and cars pass through eachother!

fun but flawed

Fun for a little while, but the game seems to be not very well balanced. I mean, the ideal strategy would seem to be to make the virus as transmissable and well protected as possible while minimizing its lethality.
For several times I tried this, going forward one day at a time until I had enough points to increase its transmissability etc...and failing time and time after one or another countries would not become infected.
The last time I played I skipped ahead 25 days or so, bought as many transmissability upgrades as possible, went back to the map, skipped ahead another 25 days or so and then bought the rest, and won. So, I wasn't even getting the upgrades as soon as I could but I was still winning.
The conclusion is that whether a country becomes infected or not is just chance, and my haphazard, careless approach led to a win. That doesnt make for a good game in my opinion.
Cool music, I think I recognise the space bugs preset from a Roland sound bank. The track would sometimes play back on top of itself out of time when it looped. Also, points are not updated when you're on the upgrades screen. I dont know why you have to be looking at a picture of the world in order for the points to be brought up to date.

Other than that, the graphics and concepts are very good. And the music is very fitting if it looped properly. I think it might happen when you advance the time quickly during the game?


at last, a Newgrounds answer to the Tamagotchi! He'll be spinning in his grave. Excellent smooth graphics and good interesting gameplay with a nice amount of variety.

The sounds were well chosen.

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on the right path

Okay, you've got some very good ideas in here, and the harmonizations work very well in the main part of the song with the combination of the piano and the strings and voice. But one thing is, the female voice is way too loud at the start of the segment, its a real blast.
The bird sounds are a nice touch, but the 'arctic wind'..well, it makes it sound a littl bit rough :) other than that, its a good try. Maybe a bit more reverb on the piano, string and voices, then they'll blend in a bit more.
Well, keep going man, you're on the right track!

mellow yello

I'd be inclined to call it chilled house or techno. It reminds me of the band Leftfield, with those cool arps and repetitive synth mini sweeps. Really nice progression, the pads help the track float along nicely! Good co-ordination between all the high frequency parts you have going on.
The thing that bugs me a little bit is the double timed snare. It feels a little bit overenergetic for a mellow ambientish track such as this. i feel the 2 and the 4 is where the snare belongs.
Ooops, forgot to mention, that gurgling almost acid fx at the transition is a good choice.
Good mellow bell melody. Almost sounds a little bit sinister against the backdrop of the pads which flutter a little bit against the major key as the song progresses. Thats pretty cool, i almost didn't realise it happened, it was so gradual!
Well, a solid track man, a fine effort!

Karco responds:

Yeah... I'm not all that good with genres. =\ I'd also have to agree with your comments on the snare... they almost made the song seem twice as fast. Hah!

Actually, most of what you mention in the last paragraph was hardly intentional... but glad you like it anyway. =P Thanks for reviewing.

nice track

lets see..nice synth pattern, a nice build with the drumfill and the fx sweep into the track. Yep, marches boldly forward.
The melody in the second half is a nice touch, it does feel a little bit out of time though.
Nice low bass sweep. Yeah, the track is lacking bass a bit in my opinion
And a nice conclusion.

Well, its a nice little track. But its not usually smart to admit to using presets! Also, perhaps there's a little bit too much snare in the drumloop. Just my opinion.

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