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grandma trouble

It had its moments.

It would be funnier if she talked in a more elderly, fragile voice. It would make a more suitable contrast to all the head exploding and what-not.

I reckon it might be good to have her perform common, stereotypical 'grandma' activities and then have the demon emerge to cause havoc, rather than just randomly have peoples heads explode. The last scene in particular is a bit of a cop-out to the viewers after they endure that car ride which seems to be building up to something.

Also, the voice clipped at one time...digital clipping is not cool, its just lazy not to remove the distortion or do a retake.

Anyway, it was funny to some degree I guess, and the animation was a good effort.


Cool images and quirky sound track make this a must-see for the whole family!

In fact, my grand-dad started dancing when he heard this, and he's actually in a wheel chair so its a good thing my mom could make him settle down quickly!

djredlight responds:

LOL! grand-dad FTW! Thanks padman for your great reviews!

Class effort

Nicely done! Your concept is original and theres a valuable message in there too. I'm digging the cool morphing arrows and the overall atmosphere. I look forward to your future work!

P.S If you need any more music in the future, just let me know and I can whip something up to suit.

IAmSaul responds:

I'd like to say thank you to you too Dj.
I don't know if you remember me but i made you a sig not long ago on my other account. So i naturally went to check out your work, i heard this song and thought.. Wow, there's REAl potential here :)

nice animation

This was really enjoyable! Skilful animation and a nice amount of action. The music rocked bigtime!

DeRosa responds:

That's all I need to hear. :-)

Love it

love this animation, had me hooked the whole time. Awesome graphics throughout, and even when they were a bit rough at times, it was still so damn fluid and interesting it didn't even matter.
Action packed and fantastic breaks/rock music. A winning formula.
And despite a couple of other reviewers comments, there was humour, for example the human strapped with C4 apparently surrendering and then getting the last laugh. And the kind of out of this world acrobatics like skipping along the missiles in flight leaving question marks on the bots face. Plus the smoking scene where they light up casually amidst the chaos.
Anyway, in summary, amazing production all around.


Nice collection of images you have here. Chaotic and confusing, yet satisfying. The events are well timed and the music is integrated effectively. I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff!

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